How long does a house wash normally take?

Depending on the complexity of the house, the time can vary from 1.5 up to sometimes 5+ hours. Double story homes, and homes with unique architectural features, require more time to clean.

Can you do spot-free cleaning?

Simple answer is YES!

Spot-free, purified cleaning available is available from Spick N Span. Please note, additional charges do apply for this service.

Do you do free quotes?

Yes, we can come to your local property and give you a quote for your soft wash and exterior cleaning requirements.

For even faster service, feel free to email us photos of your home / fence / driveway / office, and we can give you an estimate via email or text.

What areas do you cover?

We cover essentially all of Auckland and the whole of Franklin, but here are some of our most popular suburbs we work in:

Is your cleaning services guaranteed?

Yes, we guarantee the service we provide. Check out our 5+ Star raving customer reviews here.

What is soft wash?

Soft Washing is a method used for washing the exterior of delicate substrates including all homes and buildings. Soft Washing is the only recommended methodology in the professional Mobile Cleaning industry to clean and restore cladding, roofing, brickwork, stone, stucco, vinyl & aluminum siding, wood, paintwork and all other substrates that your home is built from.

Soft Washing relies on safe environmentally friendly cleaning detergents to effectively clean and restore cladding's to their original condition, without compromising it's structural integrity. High pressure water blasting in the wrong hands can result in irreversible damage to your number one asset, your home!

What is moss roof treatment?

A moss roof treatment, is a spray that is applied to your roof that lasts for approximately 6 months to 1 year.

It kills the moss and the mould slowly, without causing any damage to the roof material.

This process uses the sun and rain to help break down and disperse the moss, so it returns to looking like new again.

We guarantee this service! If all doesn't come up within the first year, we come back and spray for free! We recommend this treatment every 2 years to keep your roof looking like new.