Beachlands Roof Treatments

We do treatments on roofs to clean away any moss and lichen. We use eco-friendly products to keep your roof looking great and to prevent it from deteriorating.

  • Prevent rapid re-growth of green slime, moss and lichen
  • No damage to you roof or gutters.
  • Minimise expensive maintenance cost.
  • Guaranteed for 2 years

    Your Free No Obligation Quote - If you are ever looking for specialist Exterior House or Commercial Cleaners from North Waikato to North Auckland, who can keep within your budget, Spick N Span is definitely your go to Company!  Get us to sort out a quote for your home or commercial property now and get your property looking Spick and Span!

    Spick N Span Guarantee

    If all doesn't come up within the first year, we come back and spray for free! We recommend this treatment every 2 years to keep your roof looking like new!